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Sermon by Pastor Janice Shepard

Have you ever lost something valuable before? If so, you probably went on an all-out search, tearing the house, garage & car apart to find it.
In the gospel of Luke, Jesus tells three stories about lost things that cause similar actions. And when found, a grand celebration took place.
God feels this way about lost people. People who are spiritually lost and separated from Him. And He will pull out all stops in pursuit of them.
But what about us? Sometimes we don't want to get involved, we want to mind our own business. But that is not what Christ has asked of us.
Jesus has commissioned us to go out into the harvest fields and spread the good news of him!

Join us this Sunday, as we take a look at how Jesus saw the harvest
and how he has asked us to respond.


Sermon By Pastor Corky Calhoun

I look forward to being back in the pulpit this Sunday and am so grateful for our great preaching team and the creative ways they have tackled these core values of reflecting Christ through Georgianna. One of the realities of life is that if you are not growing you are dying. This is true physically, and emotionally, but it's especially true spiritually. Over the years I have read the Bible cover to cover numerous times, and always marvel at finding a new truth I had not seen before. I want to ask; "Has it always been there, how did I miss it?". The thing is I am not the same person I was the last time I read it, I have grown, my eyes are more open, my heart is softer as I grow in my faith. I'm not sure I'll get to the end of my life and know everything there is to know in this great book, but I want to know My Lord more and more as I plan to spend eternity with him. This is why being a life long learner in the Kingdom is critical. My whole goal as your Pastor is to point everyone to a person...that person is Jesus! I want us to clear the path and show people the way to the life abundant. Sadly, I see way to many people who are not living intentionally in their spiritual life. They stepped into the kingdom and sat down, and in doing so they short-change the adventure. Spiritual growth is not a fix-it theology, or managing of our sin, or even behavior modification. No, Spiritual growth is about transformation. I do not believe people are projects to be fixed, but faded reflections of a Holy God in need of deposits of love. As a church we want to sow fields of love in the hearts of men and women and then step back and watch them grow. Join us Sunday as we continue our summer of declaring our Christ-centered values!


Sermon By Pastor Nathan Walter

This week, we will be discussing our Commitment to Creativity.
I know that many will assume that this message is not for them, as you may feel that you don't have a creative bone in your body. Perhaps we feel this way because we have put the idea of creativity into a box and missed the entirety of what it means for us as Christians. Throughout the Bible, God calls men unto Him who are skilled in various ways and then gives them a task to perform. After giving them instruction, He tells them to "do the work just as I have commanded you." If we do the work God has given us to do, and we do it His way, we will find that God can be creative THROUGH us.
This Sunday, we will look at one such instance where a man allowed God to be creative through Him, and we will witness the staggering results that are available to each of us.


Sermon by Janice Shepard

It's a very common thought among church members, that Pastors are the ones who are to do all the ministering. But according to God's plan, as revealed in his Word, ALL believers are ministers. In his letter to the Corinthians, the Apostle Paul instructs the church that Christ has given to all the saints, the ministry of reconciliation. Paul goes on to say that as believers, we have been authorized by Christ to be his ambassadors, making an appeal on his behalf.
The Word of God makes it very clear that ALL the saints have been called into ministry, not just ordained Pastors. The God-ordained purpose of the church is to make Christ known to all the world (the Great Commission). And we can only do this if every member of the body is doing the work that God has prepared in advance for us to do.
Each of us has an equally important role to play in the body of Christ, and when one member fails to do their part, the body suffers. Join us Sunday as we look at how we can glorify God and make him known in this dark world simply by doing what he has instructed us to do, which of course, is the Georgianna Way!


Sermon by Pastor Corky.
Commitment to New Life
It has been our passion to share the saving grace of Jesus Christ with everyone we know, and everyone we encounter. We believe that everything changes when we experience new life in Christ. This includes our attitudes, our passions, our desires, our influence...everything changes for the better. In fact, Paul tells us we are a "new creation". The old is gone and the new has come, this means that everything changes, not just our eternal destination but everything in between. We live in a culture that is forever trying to change the outside, this is nothing more than image management. God is interested in complete and total transformation not simply a make-over. As Christians we don't live at the cross, we die there and then move onward to living as Christ did. I knew a guy in college who was allergic to deodorant, and so you could smell him coming before he got there. He had lived with it so long he had no idea he stunk. Sin is this way, we live with it so long we have no idea how bad we stink. New life is an opportunity to be cleansed and become the fullest expression of who God created us to be. A commitment to New Life is to be more concerned with what God thinks of us than what others think of us. As a church we are committed to seeing everyone enjoy the blessings of a New Life, then we become little Christ's strategically placed in every domain of society to passionately share what we love with others. Join us Sunday as we continue to look at the core values of our spiritual commitments as a church.


Sermon by Lay Leader Kelly Butz

Grace...A short one syllable word that is often times misused and misunderstood. Our culture has cheapened it, isolated it from God and has made it all about what we do and do not deserve. But God's grace is none of those things. It's not cheap, separated from God or tied to what we deserve. Simply put, Grace is God's unmerited favor toward us. Favor that we don't deserve and favor that has nothing to do with our human efforts. It is God's free gift to us! Salvation and Faith are the book ends that make Grace so powerful. Who we are in Christ and what we believe hinges upon whether or not we can receive God's grace fully and then extend it to others. What would it look like if everything we did, all the work God has for us to do, was rooted in His grace? It would mean that our world and our lives would undergo a transformation of Biblical proportions all for the Glory of God. Come on Sunday and rest in the fullness of God's Grace!


Sermon by Pastor Corky Calhoun
This Sunday we begin our summer series looking at some of the core values that shape the way we do ministry here at Georgianna. I always love summer as the entire preaching team gets multiple runs at the pulpit. We are blessed to have such a great preaching team and this series will be an opportunity to hear different voices around a common theme. The Georgianna Way of course is to become the fullest expression of Christ both corporately and individually. It is also an intentional act of being authentic and genuine to the gifts we have been given as we pursue the mission to "give ourselves away". This Sunday I want to lay a foundation for this series and remind us all of "why" we do "what" we do, and map out the "way" we do "what" we do. If you are new to Georgianna this will be a great series to help you understand our commitments as we imitate Christ. For the rest of us, it will be a great reminder of the commitments we have made to reflect Christ into a broken world. As a church we always want to be disciplined enough to sustain momentum, but flexible enough to move quickly with the Spirit. We believe that we are blessed to be a blessing and this requires faithful commitment to Christ first, and then unconditional love for our community second. Join us Sunday as we pour the foundation for a summer of impact and inspiration.


Sunday we come to the end of our "Uncommon Fellowship" series and I pray that we have begun to grasp how deep, and wide and long God's love is and that our uncommon united hearts, are a living testimony to a broken world of this extraordinary love. Looking back this series has revealed two things; first of all, we really are not very good at these one-anothers. Secondly, who knew it was going to be so deeply personal to so many. The truth is that I think we were faced with the tension between the Christian we want to be and the Christian we really are. This is made more difficult when confronted with the Biblical expectation for being a disciple. The preaching team will tell you that this theme of "Love" appears 4-5 times a year, mostly because I believe we are still learning how to do it well. We live in the shadow of love definitions that are conditional and find them much more comfortable than God's expectation of unconditional love. So let me ask, what would it take for God or some one else to prove their love to you? What would it take to convince others that we really loved them? The reality is there is an intertwining of Gods love and our love for others, the second is dependent on the first. Otherwise, its only situational or circumstantial love.
Join us Sunday as we wrap up what it looks like to be
Uncommon in our extraordinary love for others.


Sermon by Pastor Corky
Have you ever had a time when you felt so overwhelmed you didn't know where to turn? Maybe these days the better question is have you ever had a time when you weren't feeling overwhelmed? I think one of the great joys of being in ministry or being in a church is that there is always the possibility of mutual support...no one ever has to go it alone, unless they choose to. This is the reason Jesus left us the Holy Spirit (our advocate) so that we would never be alone. So how are we at "Bearing" one another's burdens. I think we are good at "Hearing" one another's burdens, but maybe not so good at "bearing" them. Its amazing the difference one letter makes. I have taught for years that the North American Church is great at "Sympathy" but not so good with "Empathy". In other words the church can be good at feeling sorry for people, willing to pray for people, but not actually helping people. This is not the case here at Georgianna, but I think we have to be on guard against empathy apathy. Now clearly there needs to be some boundaries so that we don't create a co-dependency or fall in the trap of entitlement and for sure we should be healthy spiritually before we jump in to help. But the key is to not assume its always some one else's burden to be carried alone. Join us Sunday as we continue to challenge ourselves to maintain this beautiful Uncommon Fellowship.


Sermon by Nathan Walter


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