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Sermon by Pastor Corky
Have you ever had a time when you felt so overwhelmed you didn't know where to turn? Maybe these days the better question is have you ever had a time when you weren't feeling overwhelmed? I think one of the great joys of being in ministry or being in a church is that there is always the possibility of mutual support...no one ever has to go it alone, unless they choose to. This is the reason Jesus left us the Holy Spirit (our advocate) so that we would never be alone. So how are we at "Bearing" one another's burdens. I think we are good at "Hearing" one another's burdens, but maybe not so good at "bearing" them. Its amazing the difference one letter makes. I have taught for years that the North American Church is great at "Sympathy" but not so good with "Empathy". In other words the church can be good at feeling sorry for people, willing to pray for people, but not actually helping people. This is not the case here at Georgianna, but I think we have to be on guard against empathy apathy. Now clearly there needs to be some boundaries so that we don't create a co-dependency or fall in the trap of entitlement and for sure we should be healthy spiritually before we jump in to help. But the key is to not assume its always some one else's burden to be carried alone. Join us Sunday as we continue to challenge ourselves to maintain this beautiful Uncommon Fellowship.


Sermon by Nathan Walter


Sermon by Corky Calhoun
Ok lets face it, if people in general were good at this then there would probably be less conflict in our life and in the world. Think about it, ideology has separated North Koreans from South Koreans and we are all living in the splash zone of this inability to simply accept one another. This is why we are doing this series because even as Christians, we are often "uncomfortable" with "uncommon". Of course this means anything that is unlike us is immediately uncommon! So why is it so hard for us to accept one another both inside and outside the Kingdom? I think we confuse acceptance with tolerance and we are never quite sure where truth and accountability fits into "accept one-another". What if we could look at people and look past appearances, and our pre-judgements, and our differences and see the person God sees? What if we could see what they could become as a full reflection of God's image? What if we could see others the way that God saw us...while we were still drowning in our own sin. So Sunday is Mothers Day and it was my Mom who taught me about accepting one-another, that people just want to be loved...so we should love them! Mom's for sure are gifted with this unconditional love, this love that has the ability to look past our mistakes and see the potential inside. Isn't this what God did when he accepted us? So join us Sunday...we are an Uncommon Fellowship working out our common fears and phobia's about one-another together.


Sermon By Community Care Pastor Janice Shepard
This Sunday we'll be talking about the Uncommon
Fellowship of Standing with One Another.
To "stand with", means to "unite with someone, as in defense." It's an Uncommon Fellowship because in today's culture, it's more common for people to look out for themselves than for someone else.
But when we become Christ followers, we are bound together in this community of faith. A community of diverse people who all unite together for a common purpose- to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ!
We become a part of a family where we belong to each other, look out for each other and build each other up, despite our differences.

It can be easy and rewarding to stand with someone
when we seem to be making a difference in their life.
But what happens when the situation doesn't seem to be improving? Or when our peace or security or comfort is being threatened by the situation?
Sunday, we will take an intimate look at the story of one faithful woman who chose to stand with someone even when it came at a great cost to her.
When Ruth chooses to cling to her mother-in-law Naomi instead of doing the easier thing, God brings about the most unexpected
and beautiful redemption imaginable.
Join us Sunday, as we are encouraged to stand strong
and stand WITH one another!


Sermon by Pastor Corky

Have you ever noticed that there is not a "Restore One-Another" committee in churches? Never has anything been so simple conceptually, and so difficult to implement. The truth is we live in a disposable society and relationships have become as easy to discard as Monday morning trash. There are a myriad of reasons that this is a hard ministry in the church and I'll cover some of them on Sunday, but difficulty doesn't excuse us from this Biblical mandate. I think most Christians feel like this is what we hired a Pastor for! Surely this is the work of a professional Christian! And the truth is I work very hard to bring back people who have strayed from their faith, mostly because I know what is at stake if we don't. The thing is most people see me coming, but what if your life and love is what pressed in on them. What if you were the one God needed to pull people back from the abyss? But make no mistake about it, it is hard and often disappointing this work to restore people who drift. I think you would be amazed at how much the Bible has to say about this command and despite all the unity the early church possessed, there were still many who were walking away. Some people believe Jesus demands to much. And they are right in that Jesus demands a great deal, but the transformative by-product of our obedience is incomparable to anything else in the world. Join us Sunday as I preach a sermon I would have loved to have handed to Janice. God is in the restoration business, which means we are in the restoration business.


Sermon by Pastor Corky Calhoun


Sermon By Pastor Corky Calhoun

This may surprise some of you but I have never had anyone come to my office and ask me to help them with their hard-heartedness. It's never happened. In fact even when its brought to peoples attention that the reason for their cynicism, doubts, and negativity is that barnacles have grown on their hearts...denial is usually the response I get. No, not me! People can convince themselves to be justified in having a low mercy meter. This Sunday is "Compassion" Sunday at Georgianna and compassion is the CURE for hard-heartedness. I would argue that its not so much that we are not compassionate, as much as we are situationally compassionate...we want to choose who gets our sacrificial love! Because hard-heartedness is so prevalent in our culture, it can be hard to see it in ourselves. We just know we are not as mean as our neighbor...whoever that is. The bottom line is this; if you have been saved by Grace, and are committed to obediently following Jesus Christ, then the things that break God's heart should break ours. Everywhere I turn I see a need for Jesus in our community and the world. Compassion is the attitude of the heart that drove Jesus to the cross. Compassion is what drives us to be a church that gives itself away as our Savior did. Compassion is doing for one what you wish you could do for everyone. Compassion is the bridge to Haiti and 20 little girls whose future is brighter because we have committed to stand in the gap! I believe compassion should be a way of life, but this weekend we are going to put some traction to it and meet the needs of our daughters. Sunday is going to be a great day!


Sermon by Youth Pastor Nathan Walter
Here is the Real Deal, I was delighted when I was chosen to preach our sermon this week on Tradition and Culture. If you doubt that God has collided with these two sides of the same coin, then you have not read the Gospels closely. It may be the only sermon all year where it is almost guaranteed that everyone will go home angry. I don't think culture and tradition are evil in and of themselves, just like money isn't evil by itself, but it is what people do with it, or because of it that can make these things contrary to the gospel message. Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus battled tradition. After He ascended, His disciples battled tradition and then culture when they spread their ministry to Rome. Make no mistake, all these men of God were stoned, crucified, and boiled in oil because the message they brought offended the old way of doing things and convicted the new way of doing things. And here we are, thousands of years later fighting that same battle. Or are we? Has it seeped so far in that we can hardly recognize it anymore? This week we will look at how tradition and culture have invaded the modern church, how they have pushed so many churches off the path of truth, and how we can get back on course.


Sermon By Corky Calhoun

Pastor Zach did a great job of setting the foundation for our "Beautiful Collision" series last Sunday. The preaching team's goal was to help us understand that if we are going to have an "Impact" in the world for Christ, then we need to understand that for us as believers everything starts with God's Beautiful collision with us in creation and in His son Jesus Christ. These divine collisions are truly everywhere, simply because it is the desire of God's heart to intersect with our life, so that we might have beauty from ashes. Did you know there are thirty-one healings by Jesus recorded in the Gospels? Of these twenty-five percent of them (8) are around blindness. Seems like a disproportionate amount of blindness compared to everything else that gets his attention. Could it be there is more to this emphasis than we can see (and there is the point)? You see, we live in a world full of Blindness. There is "Inherited" Blindness that comes from the generational passing on of hate and bigotry. There is "Institutional" Blindness that fails to see anything but the bottom line. There is "Relational" Blindness that prevents us from confronting brokenness and dysfunction. There is "Spiritual" Blindness that prevents us from seeing the Truth of Christ over the traditions we cling to. I would even say in my opinion that Love is not blind, at least "true" love isn't blind. Lust is blind, infatuation is blind, sex is blind, but genuine love always brings things out of the darkness. So is it possible that we are not blinded by the light, but blinded by the Darkness? Jesus comes and collides with our blindness. And here is the deal, the longer you're a Christian the more prone you are to Spiritual Cataracts, a distorted vision that fails to grasp God doing a new thing. You simply fail to see God working all around you. Join us Sunday as we collide with our blindness so that we can fully see!


Sermon By Associate Pastor Zack Parker

Our vision for the church this year is to make an impact.
We have been maturing in the understanding of how to make an impact in our community and in the lives of others for the sake of Christ.
We have been inwardly reflecting on the way Christ has made an impact in us, and allowing that to fuel us to make an impact on the lives of others.
What better way to make an impact than to initiate a beautiful collision?
We will begin this series by grasping the fact that we are not supposed to live a life following Christ with our own strength.
It is a collision of faith and obedience in the Holy Spirit that will provide the courage to collide with others to cultivate beauty in the name of Jesus.
Colliding with Christ can change the world. A beautiful collision will reveal the Gospel message and advance the kingdom of heaven.


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