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Sermon by Corky Calhoun

Humility is a tricky virtue, because just as soon as you think you have mastered it, you've lost it. This summer we have been talking about living the kind of life that influences others, where the light of Christ in us, shines on them. I believe this is the heart of humility, that we turn all the focus and attention away from us and onto God and others. This is really hard to do in our culture, because everything is about "me". I'll never forget the opening line to Rick Warren's best selling book, The Purpose Driven Life, which says, "it's not about you". We've said for years that we have this one and only life and it's not about us, it's about giving our life away. We are to be living sacrifices of servant-hood and this is not just hard to do if your not humble, it's impossible! Christianity is not about jockeying for position in the culture, it's about leveraging your life to transform the culture. What I love about the Gospels is that Jesus doesn't just talk the talk on this issue, he actually demonstrates an example. He doesn't give a 3-point lecture on humility, he shows us how to actually do it. Join us Sunday as we continue to pursue a life that allows us to shine.


I don't think there is anything more confusing to an unbelieving world than the "Peace" you find in "some" Christians. Notice I said "some"? The truth is not all of us who claim the name of Jesus have the kind of peace that Jesus promises. The truth is we are an anxiety riddled world, we worry about many things. The Bible tells us to whom much is given, much is expected, but we live in a world that says to those who have much, you just worry about losing it. As I said a few weeks back, Peace and Joy are inter-related, if one is missing the other one for sure is absent. Why is it when we have so much to be thankful for, when we have been so greatly blessed; that we can still be a people looking for peace in all the wrong places, and always coming up empty of it? Could it be there is a connection between peace and gratitude? Let me be transparent for a moment, the longer I am in ministry the harder it is for me to find pockets of pure peace, places and times that wash over me and leave me feeling our heavenly Fathers peace. This past week I sat in ancient churches and monasteries and could actually feel why escaping to monastery living might be so appealing. But God has not called us to retreat from the world but to go into it in his name. I actually think our pace is the number one reason most of us lack genuine peace. The thing is; we want to have it all, have it on time, have it our way, and have it endlessly fulfill us. The problem is this kind of attitude is killing some of us and for sure is robbing the rest of us of some potential peace. See ya Sunday, I am looking forward to being back among you!


Sermon by Pastor Dave Campbell
Corky told you I was coming and I cannot wait to be with my Georgianna family this Sunday! I'm coming with my Yarmulke
on and hope not to disappoint.

Intentionally or unintentionally your life is guiding or influencing those around you. Your life will either guide people in the ways of God or in the ways of the world. There is no other way! Either way you are impacting those around you. There is a good chance that what or who is guiding you will determine how and where you guide others.

There is a great Rabbinic quote (you knew this was coming) from the Talmud 300 CE Rabbah 1:10 "When they were 'Stringing Pearls' the words of the Pentateuch with the words of the prophets, and the prophets with those of the writings, fire flashed all around and the words rejoiced as on the day they were delivered from Sinai."

Come join us Sunday as we "String Pearls" of scripture into a
Life of Guiding Others. I cannot wait to be with my amazing
loving church family this weekend.


Sermon by Men's Bible Study Leader; Tony Smith
Roughly 12 years ago, shortly after I became a believer, I had my first bible study. We studied the book of Joshua and I was incredibly intimidated to show up that first night. I tried to find reasons not to go. I knew nothing about the bible. I had no idea who Joshua was or even where the Book of Joshua was in the bible. All I knew was a fire had been lit in my soul. I had this deep desire to learn about my creator and His people. I often reflect on that first bible study, and I'm thankful I took that first step.

The Book of Joshua was a wonderful place for someone like me to start. It's filled with armies, battles, kings, and the supernatural....in my opinion, it's a book of the bible made for men. This Sunday, Father's Day, we're going to walk with Joshua and the nation of Israel into the promised land. We're going to look at the character traits that shaped Joshua into becoming such a great warrior for God and such a great ambassador to His people. Join us this Sunday as we take a break from our series to encourage and support the men of Georgianna.


Shine: A Life Of Joy
This weeks hook is brought to you from youth camp, so let me get right to the point. There is great confusion in the Kingdom of God between our sense that we are owed happiness, and the consistency of Joy that should be a natural by-product of our faith in Jesus. Honestly, confusing the two would be like confusing a Gator fan with a Seminole fan, or a Bulls fan with a Knight fan, or a Hurricane fan with anyone else. Seriously, happiness is a temporary emotion, joy is a condition of the heart. Happiness is circumstantial, joy is relational. I think there is a direct correlation between our capacity to sustain God's love and the Joy that leaks out of us. An absence of love for sure will lead to an absence of Joy. Why is it we have such a problem sustaining Joy, maybe it's because we spend so much time chasing happiness. Join us Sunday as we continue to look at a life of shining! I promise to make the camp counselors shower before church....they are a
little ripe right now.


Sermon by Pastor Corky CalhounThis Sunday we begin our new summer series called "Shine". So we spent eight weeks preaching the impact of being a "Radiant Church", which is nothing more than the corporate expression of Christ's light through all of us into our community. We now turn our attention to what is our individual responsibility to shine as we move through life. If the purpose of Radiant church was to fill the sky with the light of Christ, then Shine is all about being laser focused with our faith. This Sunday we will be looking at the role that "seeking" plays in our ability to shine. I think part of the reason that people struggle with spiritual maturity is that they are not really looking for God. Don't get me wrong they are happy when he shows up, or happy to call on him in a crisis, but actually intentionally seeking him happens less than we probably want to admit. The Bible is very clear, when we seek, we will find. What I know for sure, is this is the one and only life we are ever going to get. We have limited opportunities to be moved, then to move. What we are talking about here is a life of intentionally seeking God the father, trusting in the sacrifice of Jesus the son, and following the movement of the Spirit throughout our entire life. Join us Sunday as we begin our summer series, so we can be empowered to "shine" His light everywhere we go.


Radiant Church: Love Your Family
This week, as we continue to discuss what it means to be a Radiant church, we will look at the one place it all begins- the home. As followers of Christ, our first ministry is to our family. Who we are at home is what decides if our walk is true or a facade. Whatever truth is in our home is what eventually leaks out. If we are to be a Radiant church, we must first be Radiant people and the place we must shine brightest is in our own homes.


Sermon by Corky Calhoun
I need to confess right up front that there may be no church related subject that I am more passionate about than "Worship". So consider yourself warned! It's the day we set aside to honor the sabbath and to remember that we are not God, that he alone is worthy of ALL our Praise. Part of my passion is because I know it is critical to maintaining our spiritual integrity; it's fuel for the week, it's grounding against apathy, it's empowerment against sin, it's equipping for the journey. And the truth is Americans are a bit flippant about making it a priority, we lack a sense of urgency. Nowhere in the first century would it have been conceivable for followers to think worship was optional, much less set aside in favor of something better. There wasn't anything they considered better and neither should we! The truth is Radiant Church begins in our sanctuary and then ripples into our community. Every Sunday I enter the pulpit with the thought, what if this is the last time I get to worship or preach on this earth. I mean after all life is fragile and for sure uncertain. So I don't want to leave anything on the table, I don't want to be found coasting into heaven. If we are incapable of worshiping with our whole hearts on Sunday...when and where else would that happen? In many ways Sunday is practice for an eternity of worship. So you will have to forgive me if I am a little bit jacked up Sunday! #Unashamed!


Sermon By Pastor Corky Calhoun

I hope everyone had a chance to either see live or listen to Janice's sermon form this past Sunday, it was truly exceptional. The fact is "Following" and "Calling" are intertwined. People hear the word "Calling" and they immediately think of the person who sells all their stuff and moves to Africa, lives in a hut, boiling your dinner in an open caldron and oh yea sharing the gospel. And there are in fact some who do just this. The truth is we have twisted this concept of "Calling" to only include professional Christians or Zealots. If this is true then Radiance is in the hands of only a few and this I assure you was not the plan Jesus had in mind. When the sermon planning team planned this series and titled this sermon it was originally called, "Find Your Calling". But the more I thought and prayed about it, it hit me; if we are saved by Grace then our calling doesn't need to be found as if we had misplaced it, it's already present we just need to claim it. We need to own it! We need to respond to it! The call has already come! I believe Calling is not optional for a believer in Jesus, it's a command that demands a response. There are only three things you can do in response to those words uttered by Jesus when he said "come follow me"; we either accept it, ignore it, or neglect it. Only one of these things will make you Radiant! So join us Sunday as we continue to look at our calling to be a radiant city on a hill. And also we will celebrate Mothers Day with all the ladies of our church!


Sermon by Congregational Care Pastor

Everyone is following something or someone... a political party or politician; a philosophy or ideology; a trend or popular culture; or some just follow their own heart, which could possibly be the most dangerous thing to follow.

Who or what would you say that you are following? As Christians, we should be following Christ, and most of us would say that we are. But how can we know for sure? Jesus says that the world will know we are his followers by our fruit. If we are truly followers of Christ, we should be leaving a trail of evidence in our path. Evidence that points others back to Christ.

Jesus made it clear that following him would not be easy. Following Christ requires a life of obedience to his teachings. We are called to give up our own selfish ambitions and surrender to his purpose for our life - advancing his Kingdom.

But Jesus promises that if we follow him, we will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. If we desire to be a radiant church, one pushing back darkness at every turn, we will need to make certain that we are following Jesus, the Light of the World. For when we follow Jesus, we receive light and we become light; the kind of light that shatters the darkness.


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